Assisted Living Moves

Home in a Day

Moves to Assisted Living & Memory Care

Moving can be an emotional experience. We can make it easier on you and your loved one by taking care of every aspect of the physical move ... packing, moving and settling-in ... in just one day.  

Focus on what’s important 

With someone else taking care of the physical move, you’ll be free to focus completely on the health and well-being of your loved one. We’ll focus on the details so you can focus on the person.

A smooth transition

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With help, this process can happen quickly, meaning far less disruption for your family. Your loved one can wake up in their current residence and walk into their new, completely settled space later that same day, surrounded by the things they know and love. We’ve done lots of moves just like yours and can help you decide what to take, including doing a scaled floor plan. No more worrying about if it will fit, in fact often we help you take more of the things you or your loved ones want.

 Keep it positive!

 Adding an experienced, neutral third party can greatly reduce the potential of family stress/conflict and promote your family member’s feeling of control and independence.

Why hire us?

 Maintain Independence & Control - You’re in charge, everything is done the way you want ... how and when you want.

 Short notice moves - Assisted Living moves often happen quickly so we stay flexible and ready to accommodate your schedule.

Problem solving - we’ll see potential problems before they happen and have the expertise to solve any that do occur.

Experience and security - We’ve worked with hundreds of local families, doing moves of all sizes and are insured and bonded. 

What our clients say :

The new assisted living apartment is absolutely beautiful. I love how her husband’s name is on the sunny window sill and you can see the crepe myrtle outside. The groupings of pictures — it feels like her beauty is everywhere. You really did great.

What struck me was you captured her beauty. Everything about the apartment is so feminine, and reflects what she was, and is. So many of your groupings and focal points are true to her, and the people she loves. What you do is so much more than I ever imagined, thank you!
— Cindy Brookshire, Raleigh, NC
My family and I were so relieved and delighted by all of the help you provided for my mother’s move to Assisted Living. I was especially touched by the care you expressed for her health. The sweet little things you did in the new apartment, like the coffee cups ready to go in the Keurig, showed how much you cared!
— Theresa, Newport News
Your caring and professional handling of my mother’s recent move is so appreciated! You handled everything, leaving us time to help transition her to her new apartment which, I might add, was beautiful!. Our family cannot thank you and your team enough!
— Polly & Alex, Norfolk